KViK is the apt name!

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Vocational training courses in KViK are of short duration, just 3 months. But students are so trained that they are job ready. Not just that, many of them start their own enterprise straight after training! Here are pictures of recent graduation ceremonies.


Brand building by KViK

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KViK has built its image as a centre of excellence for vocational training in multiple skills over the years. Through the ‘word-of-mouth’ there is a regular flow of students in its Bannerghatta road training centre. However, the important task of creating awareness among the poorer sections of the society and rural areas about good career opportunities by vocational training has to be continued.

Recently the volunteers of KViK went to 8 villages around Bengaluru and put up KViK banners. They also pasted posters informing various skills offerred by KViK, free of charge, under the Karnataka Skill Mission.


Yoga Bharathi and KViK partnership in Yoga training

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Yoga Bharathi, affiliated to the Vivekanananda Yoga Research Foundation, Bengaluru, is regularly training KViK students in Yoga as part of its “Teacher Training” program. Classes are conducted twice a week for an hour for 3 months. It is free and students attend the class in addition to their chosen skill training. Here Mr. Krishna Kumar from Yoga Bharathi is seen conducting the class in the natural environs of KViK.

KViK helps its students to become self-entrepreneurs

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KViK prepares its students not only for employment through vocational skill training, but also for self-employment. Recently it invited Mr. Sreenivasan, a Syndicate Bank official, for a session on “How to open a bank account to start a business and what are the benefits to self-entrepreneurs”. Here are students of Beautician course who aspire to set up own Beauty Parlour.